The Follow Me Families

Community Follow Me Congo

Sir, I will follow you wherever you go.

In their marriage, the spouses fully assume the Gospel and the spirit and values of Follow Me as a rule of life. In the Group they are witnesses first of all of their specific vocation, of the call to reciprocal and total love for the other, nourished by the grace of the sacrament. From this love springs openness to the fruitfulness of life, to welcoming the other and to communion. Families live the daily routine of family life with the difficulties, uncertainties, crises that every family experiences together with the joys, hopes and beauty of a growing family. Their apostolate is a full-time apostolate, in the couple and in the couple, in the family and in the family, in the Group and for the Group according to their specificity. Together with other couples, communities and all members of Seguimi, they promote experiences of listening and closeness to other spouses by organizing specific meetings for the couple, weekends and summer camps; they open the doors of their homes to young people in difficulty, to children in foster care, to emergency situations.
The sharing of their paths and the reciprocity between the different vocations enrich the Group with the dimension of intimacy and faithful exclusivity “which is expressed in the stable project of sharing and building all existence together”. (AL 123)

Community Follow Me Burundi
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