Our main milestones

  • This is a phase of community cohesion, with coding of the spirit of the Group and its Statute.
  • The first family centre is Villalda, in Rome, the current seat of the General Presidency.
  • He began the apostolic and missionary activity in various parishes, hospitals, schools and social services of Rome, social holidays in the mountains, work and prayer camps with young people, in a church style across the times and places.
  • Villa Berti was born, a shelter for the elderly in Montale Rangone (Modena).
  • The first issue of SI VIS, the group’s official periodical, is published. Some changes are made to the Statute: from a women’s group to a mixed group.
  • The group’s expansion outside Rome began, with the birth of a new community in Naples. The male community priests – lay.
  • New amendment of the Statute: the act of consecration is no longer enshrined in votes, but by everyone’s commitment to fidelity. The same year, “Aggregates” category.
  • The community was born in Modena and then moved to Montale Rangone.
  • The 1th Conference of The Volunteers of Follow Me is celebrated.
  • Papal audience granted by Pope John Paul II.
  • The community of Via Bresadola – Rome was born.
  • The Farm was born in S. Martino in Mugnano (Modena), with the aim of supporting projects in Africa.
  • Papal approval.
  • The Family and Life Centre was born in Portici (Napoli) for the human-Christian promotion of the family.
  • Final edition of the Statute.
  • The Group expands abroad: in Spain, in Palencia, and in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Kananga.
  • Participation in the Conference of the Pontifical Council for Lay on new church communities.
  • Autosonido is born: a store run by aggregates that deals with the installation of electronic systems on machines (GPS, alarms, DVD players and CDs…)
  • Solidart is born.
  • The Educational Community of Villagina was born in Rome.
  • The PAD (Remote Adotions Projects) is born.
  • The “S. Kisito” children’s reception centre was born in Cameroon.
  • The Association for International Cooperation and Volunteering“Granito de Paz” was born in Palencia
  • The ADOG (War Orphan Assistance) project was born in Burundi.
  • Father Anastasio Gutiérrez died on 6 January.
  • Inauguration of the Convention and Spirituality Center “CasalGutiérrez”, in Corchiano (Viterbo).
  • The “Follow Me” Family House is born in Barra.
  • The AIS Seguimi Association (ONLUS) is formed with the aim of coordinating the activities of the Follow Me Group and promoting further social projects.
  • The community was born in Bujumbura (Burundi) and the ONKIDI Association
  • The General Assembly is celebrated, which approves “ad experimentum” the establishment of the new category of “engaged spouses” in reciprocity with the unmarried.
  • The first Volunteer Meeting in Corchiano (VT) is organized on the theme: “Solidarity? We risk!”
  • The volunteer community in Colombia is taking its first steps.
  • Participation in the 22 World Congress of Church Movements and New Communities.
  • The women’s community was born in Yaoundée (Cameroun).
  • The second Volunteer Meeting (named INCONTRASEGUIMI) is organized in Portici (NA) on the theme: “Christian lay people, witnesses of hope”.
  • The General Assembly is celebrated, which definitively approves the category of “Engaged Spouses”.
  • President Lucia Ugolini is elected
  • Paola Majocchi, founder of the Follow Me Group, dies.
  • The “Casa Vince” male training community was born in Rome.
2010 The third INCONTRASEGUIMI is organized in Rome on the theme: “Love without fiction… a new way of life?”