Community life

Community Follow Me Italy

In the human family, gathered by Christ, the “image and likeness” of the Holy Trinity (Gen. 1.26) is restored, a mystery from which all true love springs. ” (AS OF 71 2016)

Fidelity to the love of the Father, to Christ and to his gospel, to the action of the Holy Spirit who is love and freedom, fidelity to the vocational pact between the members of the Group, which you obligate yourself not to fail … fidelity in Follow Me is felt as the highest natural moral value… Celibates and spouses, each in their own state of life, meet and share an enriching experience of complementarity. Preserve and develop this fraternal communion and the exchange of gifts, aimed at the human and Christian growth of all, together with creativity, optimism, joy and the courage to go, when it is right, against the current …
( Pontifical audience in the 50 ‘of the Lay Group Follow me Pope Francis 2015 )