Name: “Follow Me”, Laic Group
Born in Rome on March 19, 1965
Centres:Italy (Rome, Naples, Modena), Spain (Palencia), Congo (Kananga), Cameroon (Yaoundè), Burundi (Bujumbura).
Members: unmarried and married lay people; Priests
Occupation:Secular commitment to Christ in the world
Distinctive elements: communion of people in Christ, fidelity, family life, secularism, unique reads Love.
Follow me is a group of human-Christian promotion centered on the person of Christ and the centrality of man, in a secular lifestyle that enhances interpersonal relationships.
Membership forms
In the course of our history, there have been four:
  • Engaged:people consecrated in celibacy and marriage to the Kingdom of God. The former live together, in male and female communities, sharing everything; spouses in their own family.
  • Affiliates: consecrated who live individually, in communion with the whole Group.
  • Aggregated: people embedded in “Follow me” to live according to his style their Christian life.
  • Volunteers: those who adhere to the human-Christian ideals of “Follow Me”,actively participating in the spirit and initiatives of the Group with a moral and concrete, but not legal, membership.

The human-Christian happiness of everyone and everyone. This, for the members of “Follow Me”, means putting to good use one’s abilities, taking on the responsibilities that come from baptism, desireing and making Christ the heart of the world, not giving peace to injustices, giving confidence to man, valuing the originality of the person, rediscover the divine DNA in every reality, combine science and faith, respect nature and live with love and solidarity for all. Human happiness as praise to God and incentive to collaborate with Him. No specific concrete end, but rather attentive to the evolution of life read in an evangelical key, in light of the signs of the times and capacity of the person.
Life of communion
The strength of union with Christ, which creates endless channels of love, leads us to trust in everyone’s ability to improve, to be faithful, to rejoice in what is done, in an essential life that embraces the world, driven firsthand by the sense of solidarity, between responsibility and a sense of sharing, accepting one’s own and others’ limits. The life of communion is the fundamental characteristic of “Follow Me”.
Person in communion and secularism
Secularity is the dimension of our lives. We are in the world with an optimistic view of human reality, aware that man is all the closer to Christ. From this comes a unified vision of life and a confident and hard-working immersion in every reality, living the profession as a mission. We imply human relationships to the style of family and friendship, encouraging communion and recognizing the value of freedom, with the minimum of structures.
Our only bond is “loyalty to Christ and man,” which is transformed into commitment and responsibility. We live prayer as a daily experience of communion and salvation. Politically, the Group is non-partisan.
Apostolic Service
From mutual collaboration and the desire to respond to the needs of the world, with the ambition to reach man in 360 degrees, centers and initiatives specific to the family, for an alternative economy, for solidarity tourism, in the most from a farm to a spirituality center, to an electronics store. The activity can be individual, associated, collective.